CAST Extension SDK’s documentation

CAST Extension SDK is a tool to write extensions for CAIP.

First steps

New to developping plugins with CAST Extension SDK?
Instructions on how to install the Development environment.
Tutorial : My first plugin
Instructions on how to create a first plugin.
Deploying plugins
Once plugins are developped they can be deployed in CAIP.


Main reference

Creating a plugin
Plugin structure.
Running during analysis of an existing analyser
Use callbacks
Running code after analyzers
Run on the knowledge base to produce global information.
Exchanging data between analysis level and application level
Exchanging data between analyser level and application level.

More details

Analysers specific events
Analyser level specific callbacks and analysis options access.
Mainframe Analyser specificities
Mainframe analyser level specifics.
HTML5/Javascript Analyser specificities
HTML5/Javascript analyser level specifics.
Python Analyser specificities
Python analyser level specifics.
Instructions on how to debug plugins from development environment.
Writing quality rules
Writting quality rules.
API Reference
API for accessing objects, on existing extension points and on testing API.
Features and Bugs per CAIP versions
Features/bugs versus CAIP versions.
Tips and tricks
Various tips.

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